About Me!

Colourist, Editor, DOP, Gaffer, Camera Assistant, & Focus Puller




My name is Gibran Parekh. I am an emerging colourist. I am pretty familiar with DaVinci Resolve and can roundtrip between Premiere pretty comfortably. I love colouring; it's become a passion of mine over my years at Humber College. 

A little history about me: I was born in Kenya and moved to Canada in 2015. I lived in Calgary, Alberta, before I moved to Toronto, Ontario, for college. I became a citizen of Canada over the winter of 2019/2020. Oh! I drive stick shift (not sure if that's amazing to some people, but there you go!). 

Throughout my years at Humber, I've worked as a colourist, DOP, gaffer, camera assistant, focus puller, and done some video editing on many student shorts. I also have limited experience with Avid ProTools.

Currently, I'm interested in getting into the production side of advertising, more specifically, colour correction.

That's pretty much about me!

If you'd love to chat some more, you can contact me below!